One Year Anniversary

We here at just wanted to take some time to highlight a proud moment for us. Yesterday, our serial novel Powers That Be reached it’s first anniversary of posting. 52 straight weeks. We consider it quite an accomplishment and we look forward to many more years and many more stories to come. We want […]

Announcements or Please Excuse Our Mess.

Hello Ethnic Foods Aisle shoppers, I just wanted to take some time and give you a rundown on what is going on in our world. We’re sure you’ve noticed a bit of a change on the Aisle. Things are looking pretty different and by different, I mean bad and by bad, I mean under construction. […]

Gravity – an analysis

Last Friday, I went to see Gravity in theaters. This movie has been receiving a decent amount of hype. Mainly, I think, because there are only two actors in the movie and it does get pretty intense in an environment where much of what is happening is beyond human control. It makes for a pretty […]


Hello folks, Firstly, I want to apologize for this week’s Powers That Be being late. We were on our way back from Miami, Fl.  We spent the weekend helping a good friend of mine, Matthew Sutton, with his table at supercon. Matt is a very talented artist as you may have seen if you follow […]

Now You See Me – an analysis

     We have been thinking about the reviews and have come to the conclusion that we aren’t really doing reviews of these movies, or at least shouldn’t be. You have plenty of reviews to choose from should you so desire. Our focus is story. So we are going to change it up a bit […]

Summer Movies and Project Updates

    Man, the summer movie schedule has been and will continue to be pretty awesome. Iron Man was a really good movie. I walked out of it disappointed, but I have since changed my viewpoint. The Great Gatsby was a good movie with spectacular visuals for the most part. And Star Trek, I hear, is […]

Oblivion – a review

    This past weekend, your grocers here at went to see the new Tom Cruise flick, Oblivion. We’re going to take this opportunity to give you a quick review of the movie.

Lawrence of Arabia – a review

Why start out with such an old film? Frankly, because story alone trumps any excessive amount of overblown, over-indulgent special effects to ever assault an audience’s delicate little senses. In the film generation of today, where Transformers and G.I. Joe reign the box office weekends, it’s never too late to go back, sometimes way back, […]

Starting Point 4

Hello Folks, We here at have decided that this site needs a blog section. So we are going to make it happen. For you. Our shoppers. That’s just how we do. What is the blog gonna be about? Good question, but please hold all questions until the end of our session. That being said, […]