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One Year Anniversary

We here at just wanted to take some time to highlight a proud moment for us. Yesterday, our serial novel Powers That Be reached it’s first anniversary of posting. 52 straight weeks. We consider it quite an accomplishment and we look forward to many more years and many more stories to come. We want to thank everyone that helped us, that followed us, that read our story and we hope you have enjoyed yourself. We will strive to keep that satisfaction going. Thank you.

Announcements or Please Excuse Our Mess.

Hello Ethnic Foods Aisle shoppers,

I just wanted to take some time and give you a rundown on what is going on in our world. We’re sure you’ve noticed a bit of a change on the Aisle. Things are looking pretty different and by different, I mean bad and by bad, I mean under construction. That’s right. We are giving the site a facelift and, really, a complete overhaul. We want to give each of our properties a distinct look and location so that we can better provide for you as we increase the number of products in the coming year. (More on that later!!!!)

That being said, we are pleased to announce that we have moved all of the content for Powers That Be to it’s own separate aisle at All future updates will be displayed there and we assure you that there are many more to come. So then, what is’s main purpose going to be? We’re glad you asked. We are going to use this space to give you more information about what we are up to as well as it being the portal by which you can more easily access all of our individual properties.

Thank you for your patience while we implement these changes and thank you for shopping with us. We appreciate you enjoying our content and spreading the word. It means a lot.

Merry Christmas.

Gravity – an analysis

Last Friday, I went to see Gravity in theaters. This movie has been receiving a decent amount of hype. Mainly, I think, because there are only two actors in the movie and it does get pretty intense in an environment where much of what is happening is beyond human control. It makes for a pretty compelling, edge of your seat experience. My question is, why did I walk out of the movie feeling pretty blah about it?

     I believe it has to do with the character development. I feel like it was forced. It just wasn’t natural. The main character, Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) basically had some trauma in her life that is brought to our attention. Clearly, this was designed to establish a connection between the character and the audience. So why didn’t it work? I think it has to do with the way it was presented. Essentially, the information is elicited by the only other real character in the movie, Matt Kowalski (George Clooney). Now this is a normal process by which we can learn about a character in the story. The problem has to do with the character’s relationship. They don’t really know each other.

     This lack of relationship is established in the beginning. He is a veteran on his last flight. She is a noob on her first. Later he asks her about her training and things like that. They met to go on this mission. So it kind of becomes a problem when he starts probing about personal issues and then she spills her guts to him about a  trauma she lived through but hasn’t truly recovered from. This causes it to seem awkward instead of triumphant when she achieves some measure of closure and takes her first steps toward healing. All I can say is “forced.” In fact, I think the movie would have been better if they hadn’t even tried to give the characters a back story. I wouldn’t usually say something like that, but if you really think about it, just the fact that they are obviously human and in this incredibly vulnerable situation makes them relatable. It isn’t too difficult to understand what they are going through. A back story doesn’t really advance that goal.
     That being said, It is still worth a view. The visuals are pretty amazing and the intensity is something to experience. It really is terrifying to think about how helpless we are when technology fails us, let alone when it fails us in the void of space. Gravity really does give an erroneous sense of control over our environment so imagine what we really have when that element of our everyday existence is taken away. It’s powerful frightening to say the least. So, just for that, it’s definitely worth it.


Hello folks,

Firstly, I want to apologize for this week’s Powers That Be being late. We were on our way back from Miami, Fl.  We spent the weekend helping a good friend of mine, Matthew Sutton, with his table at supercon. Matt is a very talented artist as you may have seen if you follow the Aisle on twitter (@EthnicFdsAisle) and we had an awesome time and Matt did really well. So to all of you who stopped by his table and bought some sweet artworks, we thank you.

Secondly, this week’s post in Powers That Be marks our 25th update. That’s right, Powers That Be is a quarter of a century old if centuries marked weeks instead of years which it doesn’t. That being said, next week’s update will actually mark half a year of updates which is also really cool. You’ll notice when you read #25 that it is a big deal for Michael McTeague. Not to spoil anything, but some illusions get shattered this week and this is going to affect him greatly. It was actually pretty cool writing this post because I was feeling the emotional surge as I was writing it. Never really had that happen before. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Well, I guess I will get back to whatever it is I need to be doing. As always, thank you for shopping with us here at the Ethnic Foods Aisle. We do appreciate your patronage.


P.S. My wife and I got to shake Adam Baldwin’s hand. You might know him as Marcus Hamilton on Angel, Jane Cobb on Firefly/Serenity and John Casey on Chuck. It was awesome. Such a cool guy.

Now You See Me – an analysis

     We have been thinking about the reviews and have come to the conclusion that we aren’t really doing reviews of these movies, or at least shouldn’t be. You have plenty of reviews to choose from should you so desire. Our focus is story. So we are going to change it up a bit to an analysis of these movies. Why they work as stories and why they don’t. We are really looking forward to this approach and what we can learn from the analysis.

     The movie this week is Now You See Me starring  Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Mark Ruffalo and Jesse Eisenberg amongst many others. The story is about four illusionists, well, actually three illusionists and a mentalist who come together as “The Four Horsemen” to put on these incredible shows that not only amaze but also steal from the rich and give it to the audience. At the same time, an FBI agent is not only trying to hunt them down, but actually prove that they, in fact, stole the money.
     I liked this movie, but I didn’t love it. I wanted to love it and there were many good things, but there were elements of the story that didn’t work. So let’s take a look at what and why it worked and didn’t. Now movies are an interesting entity when it comes to story because there are so many different mediums coming together to tell the story. Some of which don’t innately have anything to do with story. One such thing is music. The music in this movie, in my mind, acted against the direction that the movie was going. It felt like it was something out of Ocean’s Eleven. Kinda upbeat poppy music, but the mood of the movie was a little more intense than that. It felt like they were trying to shoehorn a mood with the music that the story didn’t actually have. It was a little more intense than that and at the very least it was less of a caper and more action movie-esque.
     The music was not the biggest problem, however. The biggest problem was The Four Horsemen. Now don’t get me wrong, they had great dialogue and seemed to be very dynamic characters, but they were not actually dynamic characters. They were extremely static. They had almost no arc except for the main story arc of completing the shows. The movie barely followed them. It starts with them doing their individual acts. Some of them more famous than others. Then they all get the call, in the form of a tarot card, to meet at an apartment in New York City. They receive their call to action and we cut to several years later and stop following their story.  Until the very end of the movie, we only see them while they are putting on the shows and for a pretty great chase scene somewhere in the middle or so. That’s it. There is no character development, they have little to no backstory and we don’t really get to see them grow. I think that this was a major failing. Another half hour of story where we actually get to see their struggle and learn their history would’ve made this a great story.
     My last gripe– er uhhh point of analysis is about a concept that the movie puts forth to the audience. It presents a secret society known as the Eye. It is made up of top tier magicians and illusionists who use their great knowledge to stand up for truth and justice and has done so since ancient times. The problem here is that this is all the information we ever receive about this major plot point except that The Four Horsemen are putting on these shows as an audition to become members. It became something to advance the story without their actually being any weight to it. I want to know more about the society, but it doesn’t matter if the Horsemen get accepted because I don’t know anything about them. It needed to be in that extra half hour I mentioned earlier. Actually, if there was an extra half hour of Horsemen screen time we would’ve seen their motivations and thusly would’ve received more info on the Eye. They are intertwined.
     So we’ve talked about what didn’t work, but let’s talk about what did work. The Four Horsemen weren’t featured much throughout the movie but, their caper was. The caper was actually pretty well done. It was intriguing and well put together and when all the pieces were in place it all made sense. So the main plot line was well designed.
     Also, because we weren’t following the Horsemen, we were instead following the FBI agent played by Mark Ruffalo. This character had a pretty decent arc. It was enjoyable to watch as he went deeper and deeper into the world of illusion and misdirection. The relationship between him and the French Interpol Agent that he is forced to work with becomes an interesting subplot. There wasn’t anything amazing in this part of the story but it was solid background to the caper leading up to a pretty decent twist. It worked.
     Lastly, the dialogue, as mentioned before, was really good. Every character had a distinct voice. Even the Horsemen, of whom we know so little. Now, of course, half of that is the acting, but acting is one of those mediums that come together in movies to tell stories. Good dialogue and good acting can stand alone, but when they are both present it’s exponentially better.
       That about does it for this analysis. Now You See Me was definitely worth seeing. (Pun alert!) The story had some flaws but overall it was good and I enjoyed watching it. I wouldn’t be upset to see a sequel. (Now You Don’t?… Anybody?) Just saying. Anyway, thanks for stopping by the Aisle.  We hope you enjoyed our selection for you today. We hope you come back for more. Next up, MAN OF STEEL! We are excited to say the least. Should be a good one, so, we will see you then.

Lawrence of Arabia – a review

Why start out with such an old film? Frankly, because story alone trumps any excessive amount of overblown, over-indulgent special effects to ever assault an audience’s delicate little senses. In the film generation of today, where Transformers and G.I. Joe reign the box office weekends, it’s never too late to go back, sometimes way back, and revisit true classics of cinema. Continue reading Lawrence of Arabia – a review

Starting Point

Hello Folks,

We here at have decided that this site needs a blog section. So we are going to make it happen. For you. Our shoppers. That’s just how we do.

What is the blog gonna be about? Good question, but please hold all questions until the end of our session. That being said, we have some ideas. We’ll talk about projects we are working on. Entertainment we have consumed. Deep philosophical pursuits. Cat photos…

Basically, we are gonna write whatever we darn well please. Which is usually what blogs are about.

So, I will start things off. I have started working on my first full, complete, and actual attempt at a fantasy novel. I am excited and nervous about it. A lot to consider and a lot of unknowns. I actually, recently found a resource that I’ve found to be quite helpful. All you new writers out there who don’t know about should go check it out posthaste. This podcast has awakened me to many things I had not considered and given me  tons of motivation while at the same time scaring the crap out of me by alerting me to the nature of the tremendous undertaking I have begun. Either way, check it out.

As far as entertainment, I just finished reading the Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. Great books. The author is actually a host on Writing Excuses. That and his work finishing up the Wheel of Time series led me to check out some of his other work. I highly recommend it.

I’m probably gonna end this post here. In fact, I will end it here. Deal with it. In the future, these posts will be less general and thusly more specific, but I wanted to get things started and give our shoppers a hearty hello and a little taste of what will be coming to internet shelves near you. As always, thank you for shopping with us.


Currently Reading: The Way of Kings: Book 1 of the Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson

Looking Forward To: IRON MAN 3!!!