Summer Movies and Project Updates

    Man, the summer movie schedule has been and will continue to be pretty awesome. Iron Man was a really good movie. I walked out of it disappointed, but I have since changed my viewpoint. The Great Gatsby was a good movie with spectacular visuals for the most part. And Star Trek, I hear, is AMAZING! I haven’t seen it yet. I’m very upset about that, though it’s no one’s fault. Life happens and you miss big movies. Still, I had a really good weekend. So on to the rest of the blog.

     Iron Man. I committed the cardinal sin of movie watching. I went in with expectations. Expectations beyond good acting and a good story. I had expectations for the mandarin and when those expectations weren’t fulfilled, I was disappointed. Now, you might think that the movie let me down, but really I let myself down. They wrote a good story and I didn’t give it the respect it deserved. I didn’t let them tell me the story they wanted to tell because I already had demands on that story. I demanded the Mandarin to be more like I knew him from the comics. That just isn’t fair. Once, I realized, I reorganized my thoughts and Iron Man 3 was a really good movie. My only negative is that Ben Kingsley is such a great actor and the way his role ended up, we probably won’t get to experience it anymore in the Iron Man cycle. Maybe.
     The Great Gatsby was — interesting. I had never read the book, so this was my first introduction to the story which was incredibly depressing. That was the point, of course, but I would’ve liked some kind of justice or something. That was less the fault of the movie and more the fault of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Either way, it did make me feel something which is a win in their corner.
     There were elements of the movie that were spectacular. Mostly, the visuals, though there were still some parts where the green screen was painfully evident. The acting was excellent. The scene where Gatsby loses it on Buchanan was riveting. My problem was with the narration. It was so dispassionate. I think Tobey Maguire is an excellent actor, but his narration was so boring that it pulled me out every single time. I just could not get engrossed by the movie. That being said, I didn’t hate the movie. I didn’t feel like I wasted my money. It was a good movie. Worth watching at least once. Go and see it with my blessing.
     I can’t wait to get my chance to see Star Trek. I can’t wait! I love J.J. Abrams. He is my movie making hero. When I think about the fact that he is taking the reins of the next star wars movies, I nearly feint. Not really, but I know that we all can rest assured that Abrams knows how to craft a great story and will do Star Wars the justice it deserves and the justice it didn’t get from the prequel trilogy.
     Let’s get some updates on projects. I’ve been working on my novel a decent amount. Doing research and worldbuilding. I have completed the prologue. The idea was sitting in my head and I felt it necessary to put it on digital paper. Everyone I’ve let read it says they want more so that’s encouraging. That is what you want from a prologue so I’m gonna keep writing.
     I’ve got a couple of ideas for webcomics and there are some things happening with artists that might want to get involved so I’m happy to see so many irons in the fire though it’s still waaaaaay early.
     I hope you are all enjoying Powers That Be. I know I am. I am really pleased with the direction it is going and I’m proud of what’s been written. I have a solid outline and the ideas just keep coming so there is plenty of supeheroey goodness to look forward to. If you are enjoying it, I would like to ask you to like us on facebook and share our posts with all your friends or follow us on twitter and re-tweet us as often as you can. We really want to get our stories out to as many people as possible and we need our readers to help us with that. We really, really do appreciate it. Really.
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Looking Forward to  STAR TREK!!

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