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Hello folks,

Firstly, I want to apologize for this week’s Powers That Be being late. We were on our way back from Miami, Fl. ¬†We spent the weekend helping a good friend of mine, Matthew Sutton, with his table at supercon. Matt is a very talented artist as you may have seen if you follow the Aisle on twitter (@EthnicFdsAisle) and we had an awesome time and Matt did really well. So to all of you who stopped by his table and bought some sweet artworks, we thank you.

Secondly, this week’s post in Powers That Be marks our 25th update. That’s right, Powers That Be is a quarter of a century old if centuries marked weeks instead of years which it doesn’t. That being said, next week’s update will actually mark half a year of updates which is also really cool. You’ll notice when you read #25 that it is a big deal for Michael McTeague. Not to spoil anything, but some illusions get shattered this week and this is going to affect him greatly. It was actually pretty cool writing this post because I was feeling the emotional surge as I was writing it. Never really had that happen before. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Well, I guess I will get back to whatever it is I need to be doing. As always, thank you for shopping with us here at the Ethnic Foods Aisle. We do appreciate your patronage.


P.S. My wife and I got to shake Adam Baldwin’s hand. You might know him as Marcus Hamilton on Angel, Jane Cobb on Firefly/Serenity and John Casey on Chuck. It was awesome. Such a cool guy.